Amy Styring

AmySI am an archaeological chemist with a specialism in crop isotope geochemistry and an interest in ancient agriculture, human-environment interactions and adaptation to societal and environmental changes.

I am currently a Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany. I am using isotope analysis of modern and ancient crops to reconstruct past farming practice in the Sahel region of West Africa. The aim is to gain an understanding of the long-term effects of climatic and environmental change on agricultural sustainability, in a region that today is vulnerable to the repercussions of global warming.

In my previous role as a postdoctoral researcher on the AGRICURB project, I used isotope analysis of ancient crop remains and human and animal bone collagen from south-west Asia and western Europe to reconstruct past farming regimes and better understand the relationship between early farming practice and social change, in particular with the emergence of urbanism. For more details, see my Publications.

When I’m not in the lab or sitting at my laptop, I enjoy heading out to the mountains (or hills) to go walking, and of course archaeological fieldwork provides a great opportunity to visit some incredibly beautiful places!